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CNC Sheet Metal Sloting Machine for V-Shape sloting
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CNC Sheet Metal Sloting Machine for V-Shape sloting

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Xiamen Chengyang Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

[ Alabama AL-America-America(North) ]

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Condition: New Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland) Brand Name: Chengyang
Model Number: QR-D 1220*4000 Machine Type: CNC Sheet Metal Planing Machine Raw Material: Metal Sheet
Material / Metal Processed:
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel etc.
Power: Cnc Automation: Automatic
Extra Services: Slotting & Notching Plate Notching width: 1220 mm Plate Notching max. length: 4000 mm
Plate notching Max thickness (SS): 3 mm Plate notching Min thickness: 0.5 mm V type slot while the smallest distance: 8 mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Standard Export packageing or per customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail: 40 Days after receipt of customer purchase order


CNC Sheet Metal Sloting Machine for V-Shape sloting
Slot on the Sheet Metal into V-shaped Groove
Combine with Press Brake

CNC Sheet Metal Sloting Machine for V-Shape sloting




The mechanical characteristics:


1. The overall use of frame structure design, increasing the mechanical rigidity, reduce the surface deformation.

2. The base level, the beam through the rack and pinion drive, speed can be arbitrarily transform, smooth cutting, machining of V groove bright flat.

3. The CNC control device for the X axis, Z axis, A axis three NC axes control, high precision, large processing range.


4. This machine is respectively provided with a side pressing and pressing device. And the use of pneumatic pressing, pressing pressure adjustable pressure, reliable, simple and universal.


Main technical parameters

1.Plate notching width:                                                                                                               1220 mm

2.Plate notching maximum length:                                                                                            4000 mm

3.Plate notching maximum thickness:                                                                                              3mm

4.Plate notching minimum thickness:                                                                                          0.5 mm

5.V type slot while the smallest distance:                                                                                      8 mm


6.Movable beam (spindle) maximum distance:                                                                      4100 mm

7.Beam forward (spindle) cutting speed:                                                                                40 m/min


8. After the shift speed beam:                                                                                                  50 m/min


9.Rest and move around the maximum distance (Z axis):                                                    1220 mm


10. The small presser foot or so (A axis) and the end pressure (A axis) movement

speed:                                                                                                                                           6 m/min

11.Turret move around (Z axis) resolution:                                                                           0.001 mm

12. Knife moves up and down (X axis) maximum distance                                                100 mm

13.Knife moves up and down (X axis) speed:                                                                         6 m/min

14. Knife moves up and down (X axis) resolution:                                                              0.001 mm

15.Movable beam power of main motor:                                                                                 5.5 KW

16. The small presser foot (A axis) and the end pressure (Z axis) mobile servo motor power
:                                                                                                                                          0.85 KW

17.Under the knife (X axis) mobile servo motor power:                                                        0.85 KW

18. Pneumatic system working pressure:                                                                               5~7MPa

19. Pneumatic system working pressure:                                                                    about7000 Kg

20. Overall dimension (length * width * height):                                             6000×2360×1600 mm


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