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ivory plastic film air ducting
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ivory plastic film air ducting

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Foshan Gaoming Dafeng Ventilation Equipment Factory

[ Guangdong Province-China-Asia ]

  • Business Type:Supplier
  • Scope of supply:Others
  • Product name:ivory plastic film air ducting
  • Product brand:dafeng
  • Product origin:Guangdong Province|China|Asia
  • Product model:DFF-300
  • specification:300mm x 100m/150m
  • Post date:2014-12-27
  • Features:

    • Material: formed with double layer ivory translucent PE fabric

    • Standard diameter: 100-600mm

    • Standard thickness: 0.20-0.25mm

    • It is used to supply fresh air to the cabin during maintenance

    • It is packed in roll seamless

  • Advantages:

    • Any length are available for cutting

    • Store by roll it back after using

    • Very convenient and low-cost

  • Disadvantages:

    • Ventilating only under positive pressure condition

    • It can’t be used in negative pressure

    • Inflammable, it will be burned through easily

    • It can’t supply air for the turning corner

  • Addition information:

    • MOQ: 150 meters

    • Orders under MOQ are not acceptable

    • Delivery day: 15-20 working days after CFM the order

    • Package: bag packing

  • Applications:

    • Marine maintained with our 36V safety portable ventilator

    • Underground operating

    • Used for positive pressure supplying the fresh air:

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