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Strapping chain
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Strapping chain source

  • Css Code:E11AF
  • Price:Unspecified
  • Category:Anchor Chain
  • viewed:2811
  • Business Type:Supplier
  • Scope of supply:Anchor Chain
  • Product name:Strapping chain
  • Product brand:
  • Product origin:山东新泰
  • Product model:
  • specification:M
  • Post date:2012-11-15
Shandong XinTaiShi yu xin industrial and mining machinery co., LTD. Is specialized in the production of G80 chain, lifting chain, G80 lifting chain, lifting chain, mine chain, high strength mining chain, chain, strapping chain, ship cover chain, net chain, wharf chain, hoist plate chain, NE type hoist chain, FU type conveyor chain, NSE high speed type hoist chain, hoist with ring chain, chain hook, mine conveying equipment, scraping machine and accessories, link, boiler slag machine chain, link, sprocket, etc., can according to the customer production special non-standard products. The company relies on the first-class equipment, reliable quality, the high quality after-sales service, to win the praise of users. Shandong XinTaiShi yu xin industrial and mining machinery co., LTD. Is the national MeiKeYuan that specialized in the production of lifting chain, mine chain, sling, mining support, mine conveying equipment industrial and mining equipment and accessories comprehensive development and production company, has the domestic advanced level of process flow, collection of scientific research, production and trade as one, with
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