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Spray type front processing equipment
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Spray type front processing equipment source

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  • Product name:Spray type front processing equipment
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  • Post date:2012-11-28
Pretreatment system: In parts (workpiece) before painting must remove surface oxide layer and grease and cut sundry, and make it a set of corrosion resistance and roughness, and at the same time, according to process requirements, design phosphating, thick film phosphating, wear resistant phosphating and passivation etc: meet user requirements and according to the parts structure shape characteristics, select the spray type and immersion type. Former processing equipment mainly consists of tub, spray device, spray chamber body, heating temperature control system, transmission system and ventilation system composition. According to customer requirements and be processed workpiece characteristics, the former process can also choose such as: ultrasonic cleaning, spray flames burn treatment. Manganese processing and blast sand, etc.
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