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Suspension conveyor equipment
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Suspension conveyor equipment source

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  • Category:Spraying Equipment
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  • Business Type:Supplier
  • Scope of supply:Spraying Equipment
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  • Website:www.jdwn.cn
  • Product name:Suspension conveyor equipment
  • Product brand:weineng
  • Product origin:扬州
  • Product model:
  • specification:
  • Post date:2012-11-28
Yangzhou wei can coating equipment factory is located in the eastern suburb of yangzhou city, jiangsu province, jiangdu territory, west alongside yangzhou, east second tiger (taizhou, TaiXing), north to GaoYou, huaiyin, baoying, XingHua, south depends on Yangtze river, is the jiangsu traffic guttural thoroughfare. The company depending on the quality of life, science and technology as the forerunner, take the customer as the god, is willing with coating industry counterparts and new and old customers work together to create brilliant. As the output value increased year by year, partners increased continuously, we will, as always, for the prosperity of our country coating greater contribution. Company main products: electrostatic spraying of complete sets of equipment, automatic elevator, through the type spray joint cleaning pretreatment equipment, dip tube pretreatment device, immersion spray on the processing equipment, water spin, drencher spraying equipment, "" electrostatic painting room, jinsu complete sets of equipment, electric, fuel, gas type hot air drying furnace, drying chamber (tunnel type, bridge) PC control system and power supply centralized control system, shot blasting cleaning equipment, cathode
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