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And m golden gun fishing boat
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And m golden gun fishing boat source

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  • Product name:And m golden gun fishing boat
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  • Product origin:上海
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  • Post date:2012-12-19
The total length of 28.00 m Row water of 181 t Design line length of 26.06 m The cold sea water tank 61.7 m3 Overall width 5.80 m Bait material tank and m3 Type width 5.40 m Frozen and tank 14.36 m3 Type 2.30 m deep Dried fish tank 15.28 m3 A meter to eat water 1.90 m Fuel oil tank 37.63 m3 Frontal constant ship agent: 12 people Light tank 9.76 m3 Air speed and kn
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