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  • Css Code:S11AD
  • Price:Unspecified
  • Category:Ladders
  • viewed:3055
  • Business Type:Supplier
  • Scope of supply:Ladders,All Kinds of Boat Ladders and Accessories
  • Product name:Shelf
  • Product brand:Fish dragon
  • Product origin:中国大连
  • Product model:
  • specification:
  • Post date:2012-10-29
Dalian fish dragon ladder with factory is a old independent production manufacturers, is the first company in dalian have their own registered trademark of professional production ladder manufacturers, set production, sale, leasing, maintenance for an organic whole, independent professional production - metal ladder with and insulation ladder equipment, Marine ladder with series aluminum shore ladder/aluminum step aboard ladder/aluminum vessel gangway, uphill work with aluminum alloy/glass fiber/BaiGang/stainless steel/carbon steel series ladder with products, the products implement standardized production, quality inspection by the relevant departments, and various performance pointer can meet or exceed the standard requirements, product structure strong, breed is various, safe, reliable, and meet the requirements of all walks of life uphill work.
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