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Gpw-7l Air Wet Sander, Polisher (4500rpm, Safety Lever), Air Polisher
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Gpw-7l Air Wet Sander, Polisher (4500rpm, Safety Lever), Air Polisher

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Place of Origin: Taiwan Brand Name: GP, GISON Model Number: GPW-7L
Type: Angle Polisher No-Load Speed: 4500 rpm Rated Voltage: air
Rated Input Power: 90 psi Wheel Diameter: 3" or 4" Weight: 1. 16 kgs

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Packing : 10 pcs/1.25 cu.ft/G:19 kgs
Delivery Detail: by order


Side Exhaust, Safety Lever
Pad Size : 3" or 4"
Max. Free Speed : 4,500 rpm
Max. Horse Power : 0.43 HP
Weight : 1.1 kgs

Air Wet/Waterfeed Sander,Polisher (4500rpm, Safety Lever)

Side Exhaust, Safety Lever
Spindle Size : 5/8-11, M14, M16
Pad Size : 3" or 4"
Max. Free Speed : 4,500 rpm
Max. Horse Power : 0.43 HP (321W)
Weight : 1.16 kgs
Length : 242 mm
Air Cons : 0.46 m3/min (16.2 cfm)
Sound Pressur : 84 dBA
Vibration : < 2.5 m/sec2
Air Pressure : 90 psi
Packing : 10 pcs/1.4 cu.ft/G:20 kgs
(without Air Hose / Water Hose )

1.Low vibrate and noise with excellent performance.
2.Gravity casting housing carries long duration of tool.
3.Centre water feed function reduces dust, and improves environment protection.
4.Water valve can be adjusted for variable water-flow.
5.Includes a reversible side handle, exhaust muffler, air hose adapter and water valve with hose adapter.
6.Both 3" and 4" pads are available.
7.Light weight (3 lbs) and compactable design are also suitable for single-hand operation. 








1A hose of excessive length and / or insufficient diameter can restrict the air flow. 
2If you are using an air tool on a hose over 25 ft (7.6 M). long, it is advisable to increase the bore of the hose to the next larger size available, ie. 1/4” increase to 3/8”. This will ensure adequate pressure and volume of air to power the machine.
3Usage of air inline filter / regulator
4Total number of air connections / fitting being used
5Prevent any blockage of air flow. Maintain adequate air flow.
6Remove or reduce condensation from the air supply.
7Regular check for leaks in all piping, joints, drains, relief valves, flexible hoses.
8Water in the compressor tank will cause serious corrosion to your air tools and should be drained daily to avoid excessive water in your air supply. Dirty wet air will rapidly shorten the life of your air tools.
9Supply tool with 90 psi (6.2 bar) of clean, dry air. Higher pressure drastically reduces tool life.
10Do not install a quick coupler directly into the tool throttle handle.
11Prevent contaminates from entering the air motor.
12Every day before use, remove the tool from air line and pour 20 cc suitable motor lubricating oil into Air Inlet. Run the tool for few seconds to allow air to circulate the oil and well lubricate the cylinder. This will ensure top performance and maximum durability of tool.
13Lubrication : Use an air line lubricator with SAE#10 oil, adjusted to 2 ~ 3 drops per minute. If an air line lubricator can not be used, add air motor oil to the inlet before and after use. Gears, bearing, sleeves, and sliders need to be lubricated as well.
14Dissemble and inspect air motor and governor assembly every 3 months if the tool is used every day. Replace damaged or worn parts.
15Use original factory supplied tools, spare parts and accessories.
16Do not alter or modify the unit from the Original design or function.


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