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Cruise Industry Professionals to Gather in Barcelona

The author:The article source:Time:2014-09-02Reading:1474
  In just a few weeks, cruise industry professionals from around the world will be heading to Barcelona, Spain’s leading cruise port, for the tenth edition of the Seatrade Med Cruise Convention.  This year’s event has already achieved a record number of ports, destinations and suppliers showcasing their products and services on the exhibition floor, mirroring the market growth of the cruise industry in the Mediterranean.  A highlight of the convention will be the conference programme – where leading figures will discuss issues confronting the Mediterranean’s flourishing cruise market.  Over 40 industry peers will discuss topics such as: increasing popularity of upscale cruising, logistics and ship supply, maximising overnights stays in ports, marketing and sales, the relationship between cruise lines, ports and terminals, green innovations and also the development of cruise itineraries in the region.  A two-day travel agent training programme, provided by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) will also take place giving local travel agents the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on this lucrative market.