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The company specializes in the production of specialty light sources, the past few years we have to "develop new products to serve the community" for business purposes, for supporting the development of specialty lighting industry, has formed eight categories of nearly a thousand kinds of products, widely used in shipbuilding, electronics, printing, plate, photocopying, field farming, purification, pharmaceutical, boiler, marine equipment, run lighting, appliances, office equipment, packaging materials, daily necessities, household appliances, hardware tools, electronic products, communications equipment, wire and cable, instrumentation, mechanical and electrical equipment, metal products, textiles, apparel, footwear, anti-labor supplies, household goods, hotel equipment, sporting goods, computer hardware and software (except computer information systems for the safety of the product) sales, and become China's largest ship source supporting suppliers.

 Main products: a marine bulbs, fluorescent tubes; 2.uv mercury; 3 halogen lamps; 4 Low copy lights; 5 drug test lamp; 6 copier lamp; 7 boiler water level gauge lamp; 8 security..... Lights (bug lamps); 9 violet lamp; 10 luring lamp; 11 ,. Germicidal lamp; 12 instrument instruction bubble; 13 low-voltage ballasts; 14 special lamp base; 15.E17 lamp starter; 16 various stage lights, all kinds of halogen lamps.

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