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Changshou City sea ship parts Co., Ltd. is located in Changshou City Xinzhuang Economic Development Zone, with unique geographical advantage of the sea mouth of the Yangtze River, east of Changshu port, Zhangjiagang port, west of China largest Shipbreaking base - Jiangyin Changjiang ship-disassemble plant, Nantong north, Jingjiang shipyard, from Chinese largest economic and financial and shipping center in Shanghai is only 1.5. The hour. The company is a professional second-hand ship spare parts suppliers, has a large number of second-hand parts inventory and supply network, the main second-hand ship engine, turbocharger, pay machine, equipment and spare parts for oil machine, air compressor, air conditioning compressor, ice machine, pump, navigation equipment, deck machinery etc.. At the same time according to customer requirements to provide domestic new cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston head, piston skirt, water guide sleeve, valve stem, valve seat and other accessories, undertake the crankshaft, cylinder head, piston head, valve stem, valve seat renovation business.
As the ship parts sector consists of the bright younger generation HNA Group, a group of experienced professionals. At present the company in the joint efforts of all staff, with good product quality, professional technical services and perfect after-sales service is gradually won the domestic and foreign shipowners, shipping companies, customer recognition. Miao Bihai, Jing fan voyage, we will hold the "quality first, service first" purpose "and strive to better" service concept and the majority owner, ship management company, ship accessories company to establish and maintain good relations and development, provide excellent service.

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