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Company Name:Multi Sea Marine Services Co.,Limited
Address:Room 502, Building 23, No.717 Sanquan Rd., Zhabei District, Shanghai, China.
Business Scope:

  Diesel Engine,Air Compressor,Purifier ,Turbocharger,Pump ,Valve,Ice Machine,Others 。

Company profile:

We supply the complete range of ship’s requirements such as: Spare parts/Cabin/Deck/Engine Stores/Fire Fighting Appliances/Gas re-filling/Life Saving Apparatus/Pyrotecniques / Safety items/Ropes of all kinds/Hawsers/Provisions Dry - Fresh - Frozen Export Qlty Meats-Poultries etc., at very reasonable prices for "TOP CLASS QUALITY  OF INTERNATIONAL STANDARED"

Our head office in shanghai, the warehouse located in flollowing place

a. Nothern part of China: Qinghuangdao, Qingdao.

b. Mid part of China: Shanghai, Zhoushan

c. Southern part of China: Guangzhou, Shenzhen

  • Contact:Huangqiong
  • Mobile:18017011215
  • Tel:0086-21-56352617,0086-21-56356878
  • Fax:0086-21-56350217
  • E-mail:sales@multi-sea.com
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