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HomeServicesMAN NEUNG ENGINEERING, INC.(ID:css1010126)
HomePage: www.manneung.co.kr
Location:South Korea-Asia
Address: #32, Gwahaksandan 2-ro, 19beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, 618-230, Korea
Business Scope:


 Manufacture of Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

•    Manufacture of Portable Boring & Milling Machine

•    Hyd / Air / Bolting Solution

•    Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Flange Management

Company profile:

2000 Shipbuilding and Marine industries as our (main) is called a universal all-purpose ENG Company Name 

No strong start to stir the world, including DSME ㈜, SHI ㈜, Hyundai Heavy ㈜ 

Has been made to continue to grow as the domestic partner of the leading manufacturers of Naval Architecture and Ocean. 

Was absolutely dependent on foreign companies in 2009 PORTABLE M / C business for a quote 

For the unique position of the chopper C shell height in the industry to expand, Shipbuilding & Marine PORTABLE M / 

The cruise of the current efforts and constantly moving forward. 

In addition, we applied for a patent many cases as a result of these technologies, a large number of currently 

The patent and design applications while. 

So that we can best meet through continuous technology development and quality management in the future 

All employees will do their best. 

Let the innovation begin!