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HomeServicesNanjing Rongsheng Shipping Co.,Ltd.(ID:css1000991)
Company Name:Nanjing Rongsheng Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Address:7F,Hetai Bldg,No.128,Shanxi Rd,Gulou Dist,Nanjing City,Jiangsu,China
Business Scope: International ship management, ship trading, leasing, and other ships asset management, marine accessories, crew recruitment, training and equipment, crew management, maintenance of Maritime Affairs and arrange for service, international ship management services to ensure the technical condition of the ship and the normal navigation services andagency crew all kinds of certificate (certification of seafarers, etc.) and crew assignments business, crew labor.
Company profile:
  • Contact:Manager Pan
  • Mobile:18652098494
  • Tel:0086-25-66706010
  • Fax:0086-25-66706010
  • E-mail:nanjrscb@126.com
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  • QQ:787171139