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HomeServicesWuhan Lanhai International Ship Management Co.,Ltd.(ID:css1000979)
Company Name:Wuhan Lanhai International Ship Management Co.,Ltd.
Address:22F,Block B,Wanli Plaza,No.508,Youyi Avenue,Wuhan City,Hubei,China
Business Scope: Principally engaged in ship management for domestic and foreign (including ship trading, leasing and asset management of other ships; ship engineering, marine and maintenance arrangements; crew recruitment, training, etc.); crew to the domestic and foreign ship owners, ship management companies, portengineering and shipyard production technicians and service personnel; crew services at home and abroad; maritime technical consulting services; ship material supply business
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  • Contact:Su Qiuliang
  • Mobile:13971468854
  • Tel:0086-27-88737873
  • Fax:0086-27-88737880
  • E-mail:908017573@qq.com
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